Thanks for this time!

Dear participants, volunteers and other contributors. Thanks for a great event where you with all your energy and love touched us deeply and made every moment spent on arranging ROD worth it!

We are already looking forward for next years ROD and know you do too. The contact form on this page continues to work, and you are always welcome to write to us - even if you already want to contact the new working group.

Love A-TEAM 2015

Concerts at ROD-day

The long final concert on ROD is this year replaced with ROD-day.

Thursday, April 2nd 2015 will ROD open the doors and the whole day will be packed with delicious concerts and workshops.

Come and listen to folk music, learn to dance a polka, buy lovely refreshments at the ROD bar and enjoy folk music’s wonderful atmosphere.

We look forward to a fantastic day and ending of this year’s ROD event!

The program starts at 14, but you are of course very welcome to join us during the day.

Entrance: 50 DKK.
Skolen på Grundtvigsvej,
Grundtvigsvej 12, 4500 Nykøbing Sjælland


14:00 - 15:30Group-concerts
15:45 - 16:45Workshops
17:00 - 18:30Group-concerts
Pause / dinner for the participants
20:15 - 21:15Final-concert!

ATTENTION It is, as it seems right now, unfortunately, not possible for ROD to cater for all guests of ROD-day. The working group is working to serve some form of food for the guests of ROD-day but we recommend so far that you bring your own food or buy food in Nykøbing city.

What is ROD

ROD is a folk-music seminar and course for youth in ages 15 to 25. Next event will take place from Saturday the 28th of March to Friday the 3rd of April 2015

On the seminar, you will find equal amounts of newcomers, without any prior knowledge of folk-music, and experienced musicians, some of them with their own bands. What unites us all is the love of music, and desire to play and experience it together in a tightly knit community!

As an attendee, you will be placed in a group of approximately 10 other participants. Together you will, as a band, arrange and practice a few tunes, based on the ideas, melodies and songs each of you has brought from home. There will also be a Storspil (a big-band, or directly translated, “big play”) conducted and arranged by this years instructors, where all the attendees play together.

The results of both the band and big-band will be performed at a large concert open to the public and families on the last day of ROD.

During the week, diverse workshops will be held, in subjects such as dance, ballad-singing and so on.

After each days program, the stage is open for frolicking with other attendees. There’s usually dancing, jamming, and partying to the wee hours of the night.

So, do you want to play with us, have great fun, and become a part of the ROD-family? If your answer’s yes, then we’re looking forward to seeing you next easter!


Mia Guldhammer (Denmark, vocals etc.)

Billede af Mia Guldhammer

Mia Guldhammer has many years of experience as a singer from various bands, including medieval band Virelai where she sings old Danish ballads and plays percussion and flute. Mia, along with Virelai, played countless concerts at schools, markets and festivals in both Dannmark, Sweden, Germany and France.

In addition, she has been involved in some of the first ROD-events ever, and has been a assisting with the event in many years. She has an exceptionally warm and unforgettable personality.

Mias greeting
Virelai on facebook

Johan Toftegaard Knudsen (Denmark, saxophone etc.)

Billede af Johan Toftegaard Knudsen

Johan Toftegaard Knudsen has been involved in ROD countless times. He plays among others in Langtbortistan (balkan/jazz) and Pørtners Komplot (traditional Danish folk.)

He has arranged a multitude of music, instructed at Ethno in Croatia, he plays the piano, all kinds of saxophones, clarinets, flutes, kaval and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2009 with the candidate in saxophone and orchestra management.

Johans greeting

Toon van Mierlo (Belgium, bagpipe etc.)

Billede af Toon Van Mierlo

Toon van Mierlo lives on a farm in Belgium. He played the oboe as a child, began playing the bagpipes at age 21 and soon he also started playing accordion, soprano saxophone, flute and clarinet.

He has recorded 8 full albums and a host of concerts with different groups. He is currently primarily active in Hot Griselda and Naragonia. Toon is a highly capable bandleader. He teaches bagpipes and accordion in several music academies and teaches workshops both in and outside Belgium.

Toons greeting
Hot Griselda’s site


All young people between 15 and 25 years of age are welcome at ROD. It doesn't matter if you've never played folk music before, or if you've played your whole life.

You don't have to know anything — you just need the desire to learn the world of folk music! Read more about what's ROD.


ROD2015 costs 1.150,00 DKK (approximately 183$, 154€ or 121£.) The price is 1.250,00 DKK if you also order a t‑shirt. Read more about payment.

Regardless of the price, plan to take some danish change with you, to be able to buy drinks & snacks. Pricing of the drinks and beer at ROD is extremely reasonable, usually varying between 5 and 20 DKK. You cannot pay with credit cards at ROD, but there is an ATM in the vicinity and it does accept VISA/MasterCard.


ROD begins on Saturday the 28th of March at 14:00. It's important that you arrive on time.

The event ends on Friday the 3rd of April around 14:00.


ROD2015 will be taking place at Skolen på Grundtvigsvej, Grundtvigsvej 12, 4500 Nykøbing Sjælland - see google maps here.

Can I come as a guest?

Yes, you are welcome as a guest, but not during Saturday. It costs 200,00 DKK for a day of stay at our event, and you can stay at most 2 days. The price covers meals and the fee we have to pay to the school. You also have to contact us at least a day before your arrival.

What do I get?

  • The band and the big-band with teaching and supervision of this years instructors
  • Many interesting workshops throughout the week
  • Concert with this years surprise-band — former bands include names such as Valravn, Virelai, Instinkt, Tako Lako and Mames Babegenush
  • Food and accommodation for 6 days (bring your own sleeping gear)
  • A digital recording of the final ROD-concert, where we perform all the things we learn during the seminar
  • Sheet music, with all of the music we learn during the seminar
  • You will become a part of a great network and family of young folk musicians from all over the world (although, to be fair, mostly from Denmark)
  • Opportunity to participate and perform at several folk festivals in Denmark throughout 2015

Volunteer at ROD

At ROD you can either be a volunteer as a “nusser” or as a kitchen volunteer. If all goes to plan, the kitchen volunteers will have the opportunity to get a bar shift and a day off. We expect that nussers, besides their normal shifts will lend a hand in the kitchen once or twice.

We have budgeted with significantly more volunteers than in previous years, therefore we are sure that it will be an amazing experience to be a volunteer at ROD2015. As a volunteer you get ROD (room and board) for free.


A nusser is a person whose main role is to help the working group to get all the practicalities of the event to run smoothly and to make sure that the participants - especially first-time participants - are doing well. Because of this, one must have “ROD-seniority” to be a nusser - have at least been on ROD once before and preferably be a little on the olders side in the ROD-age.

Kitcher volunteer

Almost anyone can be a  kitchen volunteer. It only requires that one likes to help out in a kitchen with high spirits and cooking for ~ 250 people. You can expect to help with the preparation of two of the day’s three meals, as determined by a roster so you know when you are free.

You can volunteer in the kitchen regardless of age (parents welcom), your musicality (you don’t have to play instrument/dance/etc), your language (all languages are cool) or your kitchen skills. As long as you commit and can sleep in a classroom. The chef this year named Tina - she is lovely and makes eminent food. See her brief presentation of herself to ROD’s advent calendar here.

Please, only register if you are sure that you can and will come, because it is difficult for us if you sign off again. If you have any volunteer-related questions, don’t hesitate to, contact Rune.

ROD2015 has passed. See you next year!


Customize your program

This year we do an experiment with a flexible system of division of time of big-band and band. In previous years, all participants had the same amount of big-band and band.

This year, you’ll have more influence on how time is allocated, as the example below shows. Here are examples of two person’s days at ROD (Freddie chose “more big-band” and Johanna selected “more band”.)

Freddie Johanna
08:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-12:00 Band 1 Band 1
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Big-band 1 Big-band 1
16:00-18:00 Big-band 2 Band 2
18:00- Dinner and party

If you choose extra big-band you’ll both be able to practice the existing tunes, or learn a new one with the instructors.

You’ll be able to choose between:

  1. I don’t know
  2. More Big-band
  3. More Band
  4. I don’t care

Payment Info

ROD2013 costs 1.150,00 DKK. If you have ordered a t‑shirt during your registration, the total price is 1.250,00 DKK.

You have to transfer the amount to the following account:

Reg nr.: 7701
Konto: 0001843323

If you are transferring the money from a foreign account, you’ll need the following information:

Bank: Sydbank A/S
IBAN: DK9677010001843323

Remember to state your name – and only your name – clearly in the payment. If we cannot see who the payment is coming from, it will be regarded as a kind donation to ROD.

Also, if you are transferring from a foreign account, please make sure to cover all the charges yourself, so that we end up with the full amount.


The deposits can be refunded until the 15th of February. After this date, we can only refund 50% of the amount.

After the 1st of March it is no longer possible to recover the participation fee.

However, you are always welcome to “sell” your spot to another participant, as long as you notify us about it.


You can contact the working group using the form below, or write directly to their email.

Each year ROD is organized by a working group elected by and among the ROD participants.

The 2015 Working Group consists of following members: