You can now buy a guest ticket for ROD2022!

You just need to click RIGHT HERE

A guest ticket allows you to participate in meals and activities at ROD as well as sleeping at Østervangskolen

Please note the following about guest tickets:

  • Guest ticekts cost 250 DKK per day
  • Guest ticekts are valid from midday to midday (12:00 – 12:00)
  • Lunch is included on the day of arrival
  • Max 2 tickets/2 days per guest
  • There are only 15 guest tickets per day
  • If you wish to cancel your guest ticket please write to klara.m@rodfolk and your ticket will be refunded
  • Tickets cannot be refunded after 04/04/2022

Without revealing too much we will give you the headlines for each night so you now what to expect:

Sunday d. 10/4: Ball with Floating Sofa Quartet

Monday d. 11/4: Free night to jam, dance and enjoy yourselves

Tuesday d. 12/4: Concert with Dreamers Circus

Wednesday d. 13/4: Open stage

Thursday d. 14/4: The ROD-day with concerts & workshops

Apart from the concerts and events, each day will be filled with workshops, playing and jamming