Julia Lacherstorfer

Julia is an austrian violinist and singer and plays in bands such as ALMA and Ramsch und Rosen. She is deeply rooted in the Austrian folk music tradition and is, besides that, a very skilled improvisator. We are looking so much forward to hearing Julia play and sing and we are really excited about what she is gonna teach us!

Ale Carr

The swedish cittern player Ale Carr is finding great succes both in and outside Scandinavia playing with his bands Dreamers Circus and Basco

Lena Jonsson

In the new generation of contemporary folk music, Lena Jonsson is one of Scandinavia’s most influential fiddlers. Lena’s style is unique in combining her deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music and the youthful sounds of rock, pop, jazz, American old-time and bluegrass. Her inspired style earned her Swedish Grammy nominations both for her premier album “Places” (2019) and the follow-up ”Stories from the Outside” (2021), and performances for Barack Obama as well as Greta Thunberg. Effortlessly integrating virtousity and rockstar charisma, her music is joyous, sparking life and connection in every performance. Lena Jonsson is an artist you won’t want to miss and can’t forget.

You can hear Lena Jonsson play in both Lena Jonsson Trio and Skenet

Anders Ringgaard Andersen

Anders Ringgaard Andersen is a skilled hand at both the trombone and the accordion. Anders is one of the reasons you should check out Basco, GRØNT LYS and the duo Barani