Working Group

Each year ROD is organized by a working group elected by and among the ROD participants. The election takes place during the evaluation.

The 2013 Working Group consists of following members:

Lasse Bay Hansen

Chairman, Responsible for food
EmailFacebook+45 3036 9759

Maximillian Fornitz Vording

Treasurer, Responsible for instructors
EmailFacebook+45 6160 3013

Astrid Marie Kierkgaard-Schmidt

Responsible for the location
EmailFacebook+45 2870 6328

Gunver Lindeskov Søgaard

Responsible for the program
EmailFacebook+45 2872 4053

Jakob ‘Kragen’ Kragesand

Responsible for participant contact and applications
EmailFacebook+45 3070 5210

Kamil ‘Brego’ Dzielinski

Responsible for participant contact and the volunteers
EmailFacebook+45 3123 4441

Katrine Jacobsen

Responsible for the bar
EmailFacebook+45 2758 5980

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