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What is ROD

ROD is a folk-music seminar and course for youth in ages 15 to 25. Next event will take place from Saturday the 24th to Friday the 30th of March 2018 at Tønder Gymnasium, Astronom Hansensgade 9, 6270 Tønder.

On the seminar, you will find equal amounts of newcomers, without any prior knowledge of folk-music, and experienced musicians, some of them with their own bands. What unites us all is the love of music, and desire to play and experience it together in a tightly knit community!

As an attendee, you will be placed in a group of approximately 10 other participants. Together you will, as a band, arrange and practice a few tunes, based on the ideas, melodies and songs each of you has brought from home. There will also be a Storspil (a big-band, or directly translated, “big play”) conducted and arranged by this years instructors, where all the attendees play together.

The results of both the band and big-band will be performed at a large concert open to the public and families on the last day of ROD.

During the week, diverse workshops will be held, in subjects such as dance, ballad-singing and so on.

After each days program, the stage is open for frolicking with other attendees. There’s usually dancing, jamming, and partying to the wee hours of the night.

So, do you want to play with us, have great fun, and become a part of the ROD-family? If your answer’s yes, then we’re looking forward to seeing you next easter!